Saturday, September 17, 2022

4 Hair Coloring Rules in 2022

 Hair color trends are constantly changing, but there are specific guidelines that can be followed so that you get the appropriate hair color. Reporting from, here are some hair coloring rules that you can follow in 2022.

1. Add dimensions

Regardless of whether you're blonde, brown, or red, you need to add dimension with some highlights. Lighter colors will help break down the hair, so that the hair is not one color only, which can look even and unnatural. Ask the hairstylist for some highlights that are well placed in places that will be exposed to the sun, such as the front and ends of the face, which tend to be brighter.

2. Maintains a shadow in the root area

Keep a shadow on the hair roots, which will prolong the life of the hair color. Ask the hairstylist to keep some shadows at the root, to lower the overall hair color by one or two colors, according to your preference.

3. Let everything mix

Remember the aggressive look of ombre hair a few years ago? It will be back in trend in some time to come.

Having multiple dimensions throughout your hair is the key to keeping things beautiful, regardless of color. To get this look, have a darker and lighter haircut, but there's a thin line between the two-color strands that are aggressive than before and a big soft mix look in 2022. Ask the hairstylist babylights, which are subtle highlights, adding a subtle dimension to the hair, so that the overall effect looks more natural.

4. Try red, but don't add contrast

If you want to keep up with the hottest color trends right now, 2022 is the year to try the red color, all its variations. Those of you who have a brighter skin tone tend to look best in light copper or strawberry blonde.

If you have a yellow to olive skin tone, you can choose copper or coral colors. Meanwhile, if you have a darker skin tone, try plums or burgundy, and don't forget to maintain the contrast. Ask the hairstylist with a reference photo and talk about what you like about the color, to make sure that it suits you.

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  1. I loved the article. I love changing my hair color, but I always go back to black because it's better for my hair care.